Welcome to Tattenhall Wildlife Group (TWiG)

Tattenhall Wildlife Group (TWiG) was formed in 2005. 

The aims and objectives of the Group are to:

  • Promote nature conservation in the community
  • Provide a meeting place for those interested in nature conservation
  • Educate volunteers and others in the principles and practice of nature conservation
  • Manage and maintain a series of wildlife sites in the Parish
  • Work closely with local landowners and land managers
  • Act as a local environmental pressure group

Become a Friend of TWiG

From March 2018, TWiG will be introducing a ‘Friends Group’ to replace the previous membership scheme.

The annual fee will give you, your family or local business regular newsletters, occasional talks and guided walks across the land and many sites that we manage.

In addition it will provide you with the opportunity to get involved in practical conservation work in the Parish and learn about nature conservation and the natural environment.

Our fee structure*

  • Individual membership – £10
  • Family membership – £20
  • Business membership – £50

* All membership fees are a minimum annual donation



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