Types of Activity

There are many types of activity that are involved in running and operating a successful wildlife group.   Some, such as tree planting, digging a pond or clearing bramble, are fairly obvious but others demand a different range of skills.  Similarly, jobs like those mentioned require a certain degree of physical fitness.   Others, however, can be undertaken in a more relaxed, less strenuous manner.   These types of jobs and activities include:

  • growing wildflowers from seed in your greenhouse (for planting at one of our sites)
  • proof reading publications such as the newsletter
  • recording wildlife in the locality (in your back garden, for example)
  • writing an article for the newsletter or website
  • taking some photographs for the website, facebook site, newsletter
  • helping out at meetings
  • join the TWiG Steering Group (always vacancies)
  • environmental audit (counting and photographing all ponds in the parish)
  • parish tree warden (pond warden)
  • discussion group
  • helping to write funding applications
  • collecting wildflower seed from our sites
  • starting a tree nursery (10 acorns in 10 plastic cups)

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