1. The group shall be called the ‘Tattenhall Wildlife Group’ (TWiG).

2. The aims of the group are to:

  • Promote nature conservation in the community
  • Provide a meeting place for those interested in nature conservation
  • Manage and maintain wildlife sites in the Parish
  • Promote practical conservation through volunteers for the benefit of the local community
  • Educate the volunteers in the principles and practice of nature conservation
  • Act as a local environmental pressure group

3. To fulfill these aims:

  • The group will undertake practical conservation work
  • Other activities, in furtherance of the aims or for the benefit of the group, shall also be undertaken when deemed necessary
  • Money shall be raised when necessary for carrying out the aims of the group
  • Any funds raised will support the aims of the group

4. The area served by the Group is principally the Parish of Tattenhall and District but projects and activities may be undertaken elsewhere as seen fit by members.

5. Membership of the Group shall be open to anyone interested in taking an active part in the work of the Group regardless of ability, race, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliation.

6. A committee of up to ten members will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting, to include a chairperson, treasurer and secretary.

7. Such officers shall hold regular meetings to discuss the working of the Group. All officers shall be appointed for a term not exceeding the date of the next Annual General Meeting.

8. There shall be an annual subscription to help pay necessary expenses, to be fixed at the Annual General Meeting at such rate as is thought adequate.

9. Accounts shall be kept by the treasurer, audited by an independent inspection and approved at the Annual General Meeting.

10. The Group shall maintain insurance for volunteers on its projects, and for injuries to third persons and damage to property

11. If the Group shall, by general consent of its members, cease to exist, all assets shall pass to the Tattenhall and District Parish Council, as far as shall be possible. Any surplus is to be applied for the purposes of Tattenhall and District Parish Council.

12. This constitution shall only be altered by consent of a simple majority of the members of the Group.

13. Annual General Meetings shall be held at not less than yearly intervals.

14. Two weeks written notice shall be given to all members of an Annual General Meeting.

Procedures at Meetings

1. Actions shall be agreed on a simple majority of those present

2. The committee may hold meetings as required for the purpose of exercising any powers/achieving any object for which they are so empowered.

3. Committee meetings shall be quorate when a minimum of three members and an appointed Officer are present.

4. A record of all Committee meetings will be held.

 5. The Chairperson (or his/her representative) shall hold a casting vote at all meetings.


Constitution amended: 3rd September 2012


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